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(haroula rose)

Jan: When did you know you wanted to be a performer?
Haroula: I feel that performing is incidental to my singing. I have just always been a singer whether there's an audience or not. And I enjoy singing what I write, so it became clear more recently that I ought to explore performing the songs I have written.

Jan: Who were you favorite performers growing up?
Haourla: I always enjoyed watching all kinds of musicals and loving them, and music videos of Madonna and the Bangles and stuff. Also, my family is from Greece so I would hear lots
of old Greek folk songs and beautiful voices and haunting melodies of all kinds that I still hear twirling around in my brain by Greek artists alive or dead.

Which came 1st: singing, guitar or songwriting?
Haroula: Singing first, then songwriting and guitar. I also play violin and learned that as a child.

Jan: How did you add the other skill after the 1st skill?
Haroula: Singing came very easily, and writing also. They made sense, then playing the guitar or piano to explore melodies was a fun experiment. Sometimes I hear a melody first, and then the words just come to me. This is a mystical process that I can't necessarily plan or schedule, but call it divine grace or something. Other times I sit and write with an idea and noodle around on the guitar to find the word placement with melody. Tell me about your favorite performance of all time. My favorite performance of all time was probably quite recently at a friend's wedding in Topanga because it was all so beautiful and surreal and happy. I was pleased to be part of something bigger than me and take people to another place in a song....

Jan: Where do you want to be performing in 5 years?
Haroula: I would like to be performing in bigger venues that have great sound and opportunities for a wide variety of instruments or band setups.

Jan: Who were your best teachers?
Haroula: My parents are great teachers of life, my idols in songwriting are people like Leonard Cohen or Cat Stevens or Joni Mitchell, and my first time with a true vocal teacher is with you (Jan-Linder Koda)! And that has been quite a full experience so far, I enjoy it and it reminds me of what I am capable of and how much more I would like to grow.

Children's Artist Spotlight
  "Anehita really enjoys the her voice lessons with Jan, because Ms. Jan's lessons is at a perfect pace for her, this helps her confidence and motivation to practice each day at her comfort level, thereby also developing her voice and having fun."
-Anehita's Mom

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